Positive Attitude

Learn about having a positive "glass half full" attitude.


Learn about different perspectives from three best friends.

Fun for Everyone

A fun reading adventure for everyone of all ages.

Increase Happiness

Learn how you can be happier just by changing the way you think about every day situations.

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About Our Book

Our book is a family project that we worked on together. Our children came up with the story ideas. Each step of the way every family member contributed to each part. When we finished with the story we loved it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone. We decided to have it illustrated by Anna Fox and then published. We hope you enjoy the reading the book as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Join Positive Pete, Grumpy Gus, and Friendly Fred for some afternoon fun as they discover how each of them can see the same adventures a little differently.

Grumpy Gus

Grumpy Gus

Grumpy Gus is a gator who sees everyday activities in a "glass half empty" view. Often he finds life to be more challenging and less fun because of his attitude.

Do you see your glass half empty like Grumpy Gus?

Positive Pete

Positive Pete

Positive Pete is a penguin who sees life and its adventures in a positve "glass half full" way. Due to his positive outlook he finds life to be a happy adventure that he looks forward to.

Do you see your glass half full like Positive Pete?

Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?


Anna Fox illustrated the book and brought Grumpy Gus, Positive Pete and Friendly Fred to life. See more of her work and learn more about her at Must Be A Fox.

Must Be A Fox

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Our books is available for purchase on Amazon. We hope you will enjoy reading our book as much as our family has enjoyed making it.

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This book is only here because of the dedication and (mostly positive) inspiration from Jacob, Jack, Max, William & Charlotte and the support of their amazingly patient (and sometimes grumpy) dad, Travis. They are the true authors!

Jaime Fazica-Parker

Living life with a positive attitude changes everything for the better. The choice is yours... Is your glass half full or half empty?

Travis Parker

The illustrations in this book are dedicated to my parents, Ed and Judy Koehler. Thanks mom and dad for always supporting my creativity and my individuality and for guiding me to reach for my dreams.

Anna Fox